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Not UNHCR related; an email from the ONE campaign.

Dear Friend:

Two U.S. Senators have reached across political divides to ask the Senate to add $100 million to keep critical AIDS, TB and malaria programs running around the world. This amendment, proposed by Senators Rick Santorum, a Republican from Pennsylvania, and Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, would bring total U.S. funding for an important program called the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to $600 million - a one third share of what's needed to keep existing programs on the ground running.

The fund might have a long name, but what it does is simple: it saves lives. Without our help, the Global Fund may have to cut programs that have already begun to have a real impact, delivering prevention, care and treatment to millions of people around the world. Remember, AIDS kills 8,500 people every day, TB kills 5,000 and malaria kills over 3,000 in Africa alone - every day. Together, we can help fight back against these killer diseases.

Please call the two Senators from your state TODAY, let them know where you're calling from and ask them to support the Santorum-Durbin Amendment for global AIDS funding.

To make sure your voice is heard, ONE has set up a toll-free number that will connect you directly to your Senators' offices in Washington, DC. After talking to one Senate office, be sure to call the number again to connect to your OTHER Senator.

Call 1-800-786-2ONE (1-800-786-2663) to be connected directly to your Senators.

We've seen the difference we can make when we act as ONE - and we've only just begun.

Thank you!

The ONE Team

P.S. You can learn more about how to talk to your Senators and the important work of the Global Fund.

Join the ONE Campaign at
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