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Not directly related to Angelina ...

I know this article has no mention of Angelina, however with these circumstances I believe that these links should be posted anyway.

My friend wertz wrote an awesome little post about the situation in Asia. I'm sure you've all heard by now that there are well over 50,000 (closer to 60,000) dead. 1 in 4 people have died or are missing.


copied from the journal of wertz: President Bush offered $15 million in humanitarian aid to India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. When the rest of the world sneered at this paltry gesture, he extended an additional $20 million line of credit. That's a total of $35 million, over half of which will have to be paid back.

We spend $37 million every five hours in Iraq. Okay, that's a disaster for which we are solely responsible, but only a fraction of that is in aid. And bear in mind that India has pledged $30 million in humanitarian assistance to Iraq and offered to write off most of their $1 billion in Iraqi debt, that Thailand has contributed soldiers as members of the "coalition", that Thailand and Indonesia have sent doctors, engineers, and humanitarian assistance to Iraq, and that Sri Lanka has provided a lot of contract labor - some of which has turned out to be cannon fodder. (Thanks to insomnia for some of the stats.)

Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Every American citizen should be hanging their heads in shame - and those who voted for the Asshole-in-Chief should never show their faces in public again. Ever.

If you want to do more than our "leadership" has done - and I know you do - please contribute to one of the following:

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
PO Box 372
CH-1211 Geneva 19

Doctors Without Borders
PO Box 2247
New York, NY 10116-2247

Oxfam America
26 West Street
Boston, MA 02111

Mercy Corps
PO Box 2669
Portland, OR 97208

Catholic Relief Services
PO Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC Crisis Fund)

International Red Cross

Please note that some of these sites are experiencing heavy traffic, so try back if you are having trouble getting through.

Do it now. You can afford $5, $10, something. Be more compassionate, more humane - better - than our president. It's easy.


I hope you all do what is in your hearts what is right, and just ... show more compassion than our "leader" has shown in this desperate hour of need.


Also, UNICEF has made it clear that there could be more troubles with helping the victims, there are landmines that are resurfacing, and signs warning of such land mines have been swept away.

article here
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